Dräger Respiratory Protection Gas Filter Rd40 Connection, 1140 - AX

Dräger Respiratory Protection Gas Filter Rd40 Connection, 1140 - AX

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  • This gas filter complies with EN 14387
  • For masks with standard round thread Rd40 (RA) according to EN 148-1.
  • The filters are optimised in terms of breathing resistance, size and performance.
  • The filters are individually packed to ensure optimal protection of the unused filter. The packaging is resealable for longer use.
  • The aluminium housing allows for good visibility of possible filter damage and thus provides additional safety.
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Manufacturer Dräger
Item number: 101022
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Product description

"Everything we do, we do with enthusiasm - and we do it for life!"

Danger recognised, danger averted - gases and vapours are almost always dangerous! If gases are not present in the atmospheric composition we are familiar with and can breathe, safe breathing is at risk. Whether DrägerTubes or portable gas detection technology - Dräger offers you individual solutions to detect Ex - O2 - Tox - hazards and protect human life, plants and the environment.

Your advantages:
More than 70 years of experience in the development of gas detection technology
Cost-efficient solutions adapted to operational needs
Precise matching of instruments and sensors through in-house production
Short delivery times
Special longevity: up to 5 years warranty
Personal advice

Decisive advantages and proof in practice

This Dräger filter series X-plore Rd40 with standardised round thread according to EN 148-1 has proven itself many times in practice and offers decisive advantages!
Whether in the chemical or automotive industry, in shipbuilding, in metal working and processing, in supply and disposal - Dräger respiratory protection filters have been synonymous with experience and safety worldwide for decades. They clean pollutants from the air we breathe economically and effectively.

Suitable for half and full face masks with connection according to EN 148-1
CE-certified (EN 141:2000 or EN 14387, EN 143:2000, EN 371)
Detailed information leaflets
Filter with aluminium housing with good visibility of possible filter damage
Over 70 years of experience in filter technology

Storage & High Economy

Individually packed for best protection of the unused filter (incl. instructions for use)
Reclosable for longer use
- Shelf life (from manufacturer's date): Gas and combination filters = 6 years
Particle filter = 12 years

Store breathing filters in rooms with normal humidity (less than 90 % rel. humidity), temperature (-10 ° C to 55 ° C) and unpolluted air
The maximum storage time for breathing filters opened for the first time is 6 months, provided the filter is resealed after use:
Close filters of the 940 and 1140 series with original filter plugs and original filter caps!
Seal filters of the 990 series in a bag!
The shelf life may be impaired if the filters are stored under different conditions.
Exception: Opened AX, NO and CO filters must not be stored and reused.

How do I find the right filter?

Pollutants can occur in different forms, as aerosols (particles or droplets), as gases or vapours.
Depending on the form, you need to protect yourself against one of these types or a mixture of them.
Aerosols (particles): Dusts, fibres, fumes, microorganisms (e.g. viruses, fungi and their spores) and mists.
Gaseous substances: gases or vapours
The following table shows you the colour coding of the filters according to EN 14387.
This will help you to select the right type of filter for use against your pollutant.


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