Dräger tubes - carbon dioxide 1%/a -> 1-20 vol.-% (10 tubes)
Dräger GMT P

Dräger tubes - carbon dioxide 1%/a -> 1-20 vol.-% (10 tubes)

Kurzzeitröhrchen für Kurzzeitmessungen von Momentankonzentrationen

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Manufacturer Dräger GMT P
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Product description

Attention: The detailed description can be found in the data sheet of the individual tube variants -> See "Documents".



Momentum concentrations!

Short-time tubes are intended for the measurement of instantaneous concentrations. The duration of the measurement usually takes a period of 10 s to 15 min. The measured concentration gives the amount of the substance to be determined for the time span of the measurement duration. The design of the short-time tubes depends on the respective measuring task, in particular on the substance to be measured and the concentration range to be determined.

Based on these specifications, short-term tubes differ in:

Tubes with one display layer
Tubes with one or more pre-layers plus display layer
Combination of two tubes
Tubes with connecting tube
Tube with reagent vial
Tubes with simultaneous measurement

Short-term tubes with one indicator layer

In these tubes, the entire filling layer serves as the display layer.

Short-term tubes with one or more pre-layers

In addition to the display layer, one or more pre-layers are present here. These pre-layers serve to:
absorb moisture or
retain interfering substances or
convert substances into measurable substances

Combination of two Dräger-Tubes

Two Dräger-Tubes, one pre- and one indicator tube, are connected with a shrunk-on tube. At the beginning of the measurement, the two inner tube tips must be broken off in addition to the outer tips so that the air to be tested can be sucked through both tubes. The preparation in the pre-tube serves a similar purpose as a pre-layer present in the Dräger-Tube.

Short-term tube with connecting tube

These tubes are composed of an indicator tube and an additional tube. Both tubes are connected with a tube after breaking off the tube tips. The additional tube is placed either in front of or behind the indicator tube according to the instructions for use of the respective Dräger-Tube. The tube, when placed behind the indicator tube, serves a similar purpose as a pre-layer placed in the tube from the conversion reaction in the indicator tube.

Short-term tube with reagent vial:

Since not all reagents can be contained in the filling layers for reasons of shelf life, there is a reagent ampoule inside these tubes in addition to the display layer. The preparation in the ampoule can be vapour, liquid or granular.

Dräger-Tubes for simultaneous measurement

For a semi-quantitative measurement, five tubes are arranged in a rubber sleeve as a test set. Via an adapter, the air to be tested is simultaneously sucked through the tubes with a gas detector pump. The concentrations are given as multiples of a limit value. Since the Simultaneous Test Set is a system solution for which special Dräger-Tubes have been developed, an exchange with other Dräger-Tubes is NOT possible.







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